heroes2Some days I can scarcely believe my life. I just got done doing a presentation that involved me speed painting superheroes for children. Sometimes God is too cool. It was so much fun, but what really brought it home for me were all the parallels to Jesus found in heroes, and not just Jesus but us as well.

What makes superheroes superheroes are their superpowers. These are extraordinary gifts they possess that they use to help others, fight crime and generally save the day. When I was a child I wanted to be a superhero. I wanted to be able to run like The Flash, fly like Superman, and on and on and on. Then I grew up and realized that I couldn’t be a superhero. And when I realized that I was wrong. You see I’m of the belief that our gifts come from God. They are our superpowers. They may not be flashy or anything, but they are gifts from the creator that we can use to help serve and bless others. When we use what we have help someone else, that is a heroic act, and when we use our special (God-given) “super” powers to help others we are in effect superheroes. You can be a superhero. All it takes is a willingness to use your blessings to be a blessing. You might just be a Superhero, the choice is yours.

I finished my presentation telling them about the ultimate superhero. Someone who came to earth from somewhere else for the sole purpose of rescuing humanity. I then began to paint the Superman logo. Once the misdirection was complete, I painted the face of Jesus overtop of it and blurred the red and yellow of the logo to make the background. I think it had the desired effect. The truth of the matter is I’ve always kind of felt like Superman was a “type” for Jesus. The stories are pretty similar and so are the results, except where one saves lives, the other saves lives and souls. I’m also of the believe that all great stories and all great heroes are patterned after the story of the ultimate self sacrificing, victorious hero.

His name is Jesus.


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