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My name is David. Now I would love to tell you that it’s because my father took one look at me on the day I was born and was so overwhelmed with love, that he knew he needed to give me a name that expressed the full extent of that love. So he named me David, because it means beloved in Hebrew.

I would love to tell you that, but I can’t, because it’s not true.

Then I’d love to tell you, that wen I was born, mom took one look at me, saw amazing potential and decided to name me after the mighty, warrior, poet, artist, prophet, biblical king David.

But I can’t tell you that either, because it’s not true.

No, the reason my name is David is much simpler. My father’s name is David and his father before him, my grandpa, was also David. I’m told that when my grandfather heard my mother was going to bear him his first grand child, that he proclaimed my name would be David. I’m told he told so many people, so many times, that my poor grandma, who had long since grown tired of hearing said proclamation, on the day I was born, received the call, got off the phone and told my grandpa my parents named me Jeffrey.

I’m told that did not go over well.

I usually use that story as a lead in for telling about our heavenly Father’s insistence that His Son be named Jesus, but not today.

You see, yesterday was Father’s Day and I celebrated the day at of all things, a baby shower. I know that sounds a bit strange, but I could not have been more thrilled. You see the baby shower was for my first grandchild, to be born next month. Medical technology has advanced quite a bit in the 51 years that I have walked on this planet. I already know that this child, my first grandchild, is in fact, male, a grandson. I also know that his name will be David. For the first time in my life, I totally understand what my grandpa was going through.

Now to be clear, there are many David’s in this equation, so the child is not only being named for me, but for his great grandfather, great great grandfather. His other grandfather and his uncle also have the middle name David as well as his father’s best friend. Nonetheless, I am overjoyed and once again, I have something to live up to. Living in such a was that I make my little grandson’s name, David Weiss, something he can be proud to have.

How much more should we all live to give glory to the one in whose image we are all created?