A great friend of mine, who I really respect and admire, posted this on social media…

“I’ve realized that to do good ministry you can’t do it in a small way. Its either ramp it up with proper funding and staff or don’t do it.”

I get where he is coming from. I’ve spent years in the underfunded, understaffed world and I might also point out that he has faithfully ministered in similar circumstances for a long time. I don’t want to minimize the statement. I’ve had many people walk in the doors, look around and realize that since I didn’t have everything they wanted, they moved on. Seasoned believers who could have done great things to help me, instead walked on by, wanting to be served rather than to serve. The faithful in my church who struggled by my side until we made the painful decision to close our doors rather than be bad witnesses to our community by not paying our bills. Yes, I get this feeling more than most people, and yet…

What about Jesus? He constantly made due with what he had. He fed a lot with a little. Did a lot with a little and when most of the world abandoned him, He kept going, sending 12 faithful out and changing the entire world. Now, I can almost hear you screaming, “Yes, but He is God!” and you’re right, but still… Big and small are determined by God alone. Small things can have huge Kingdom impact, while we have all seen huge churches and ministries where the impact feels questionable. Who’s to say what big is, or for that matter what good ministry is?

I’m reminded of E.V. Hill. I loved his ministry. That man could preach. I told all my friends about him. Told them they needed to hear this man of God preach and a bunch went with me. He spent the first five minutes boasting on his accomplishments, the millions he preached to and on and on. I was beginning to feel the other guys looking at me, wondering what I saw in him. I, too was losing faith, but then he turned the corner. He said, “The pastor who led me to Christ, probably never preached to more than 70 people in his life, but if it weren’t for his faithfulness, none of this would have ever happened.” He was right. We don’t get to determine the size of our ministry or our impact. Instead we are faced with one choice. Will we be faithful, doing the best we can with what we have been given? Remember the master in the parable doesn’t say, “Well done, big time minister.” He says “Well done, good and faithful servant. You’ve been faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of may things.”

To my friend, I will say this. You have been good and faithful and you are doing great things. If I can see it, you know God can. He is, and will continue to do a mighty work in you and your ministry. Consumer Christians are going to continue to be consumers always looking for the bigger show, etc. Stand by the faithful and do what you can do with what you have. It’s more than you think. To the rest of you who may be feeling this same way. Keep doing what you feel led to do, being faithful with what you have, realizing that is all you need to do to please God. We can’t always see everything that God s doing, but He sees everything you’re doing and if you’re faithful, He is pleased.


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