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endiscouragementLife can be filled with considerable discouragement. It’s insanely easy to find people who will try to drag you down and make you feel worse. One of the joys of being creative is we march to the beat of a different drummer. Even better, one of the joys of being a Christian is marching to the beat of THE Perfect Drummer. The single best way of dealing with discouragement is, not surprisingly, encouragement. Somewhat surprisingly, one of the best ways to receive encouragement is to be an encourager, i.e. to encourage someone else. Seeing the positive in someone else can make it easier to see the positive in ourselves or at least in our circumstances.

Try it. Instead of expecting negative things, look for someone who needs encouragement, or someone who is doing something positive and call it out. Let them know you notice. Let them know you care. Let them know you think they’re, positive, special, on the right track, etc. Make them feel better and a funny thing will start to happen. Looking for the positive, is usually a great way to help us feel more positive, or at least see the positive in our own lives.

Maybe this is why Scripture commands us to bear one another’s burdens and to spur one another on to love and good deeds.

The Bible has this uncanny ability to be right about things. Give it a try. Who are you encouraging? It might be the first step in finding your own encouragement.