A Lesson from the Trees

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Speaking ministry
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I spoke recently at the Delta Lake Bible Conference Center in Rome, NY and had a great time. It was their Senior Saints Conference and I spoke on the topic of being Firmly Rooted. From Colossians 2:6-7. This is the painting I did.
I had some camaraderie with my audience, having recently moved into the realm of senior adults in my denomination (50 is to young for that 😀 ) and the fact that I will soon be a grandfather. I began total about the way people want to say we are in the winter years of our lives and that I think that’s a crock for people who will I’ve eternally, but if we are in the winter years, we need to learn a lesson from the trees. Trees in winter, at least this part of the world, look either dead or dormant but nothing could be further from the truth. We just don’t see what is happening beneath the surface. You see for a tree to receive life sustaining water in the frozen ground, it needs to drive its roots deep. Likewise we who have spent some time on this planet, need to drive our roots deep into Christ, by praying communing with Him, reading and studying His Word, etc. This is how we get our sustenance in a world that can be likewise hard and cold. Of course this also has a very desirable side effect. When our roots are driven deep, we can stand against the storms of life.

Learn the lesson from the trees. Drive your roots deeply into Christ and stand


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