Archive for June 2, 2015

Well there’s another controversial story out there. Another story of sin is making the rounds in the media both social and broadcast (anti-social?) and of course, Christians are weighing in. I know we are called to stand for righteousness, etc. but I have to wonder are we doing any good? Is adding to the noise surrounding these issues really helping anyone to see the light? Are people really ever argued into righteousness, or for that matter, the Kingdom.

After 2,000 years, I cannot believe we are still stunned and amazed when people without Jesus act like people without Jesus. Why does this surprise us? Why are we dumbfounded that people who have not found eternal hope in Jesus, grab for it in anything they can find? To be honest, if we who have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ still struggle with some of these things, I can’t understand why we don’t get the failings of people without the help of their Creator. Are we really helping or are we adding to the noise.

Sometimes I think all these issues are nothing more than straw men that draw our attention away from the bigger struggle. They are symptoms of a greater disease—sin. Sin separates us from God. Sin separates us from the source of our hope. There is a cure for sin and we have it. His name is Jesus. Oh if only there were a way to get the cure to the people. Oh wait, there is. It’s the church being faithful to it’s call to go and make disciples. It’s us, who claim the name of Christ, going out and sharing the love of Christ with a broken world looking for love in all the wrong places. We aren’t really showing love when we’re adding to the noise.

We need to stop looking to men for this. As we know the next big straw man is just around the corner—the presidential elections, where once again we will run to the polls to try to find our new messiah, the one who will make us all happy simultaneously, solve all of our problems, and bring world peace. We will drop friendships and break relationships when our loved ones disagree on who that messiah should beThere’s only one Messiah and that’s not how it works. We place our trust in men and heroes and we are disheartened when they prove to us they were all to human after all. Again we should not be surprised.

There is only one solution to the problems of our world and His name is Jesus. He is Christ, the Lord, maybe instead of hiding behind straw men and lamenting the course of our world, we should spend some time introducing them to the One who can set them free. Maybe it’s time to stop adding to the noise and bring a message of hope to this sin sick, sin dying world.

Brothers and sisters, I read an alarming statistic that said only four percent of the next generation will be Christian. Only four percent of the people with the keys to eternal life. What do you think our news stories will be when that happens. It’s almost too late. The church of Jesus Christ has got to repent of it’s straw men, and start obeying it’s king. Time to stop adding to the noise and start speaking the truth in love.

This world needs Jesus, NOW!