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createbetterWhen I called this Create a Better Life, I deliberately left the title a bit vague After all, what does a better life mean? A mansion and a yacht? A million dollars (or a billion)? The white picket fence? Maybe something more intrinsic. Peace and contentment? Happiness? Better health?Only you can define what a better life means to you. How do you define success?

For me, it’s not wealth so much as freedom. I have something I really, really love do that is not necessarily lucrative, and I would love to find a way to either increase the income and do it for a living or find or create something that allows me to live my bliss without having to be concerned about paying my bills and having the ability to do good for my family and others. I am hoping you notice the determination here. What I want to do is pretty much defined. I’ve found something I love to do and would love to do it more and more. Every time I do what I do, I feel like I was doing what I was born to do. It gives me happiness and satisfaction and I can see that it helps others. Now I just need to find the way to make it more viable.

For me success is defined at least as it pertains to the working portion of my life as the ability to do what I love in a way that allows me to honor my God, my obligations and to be a blessing to other people. As far as finances go, I have a certain amount that I need live on, beyond that, I want to be able to give and bless. I don’t need a mansion, though a cabin in the woods or a little place by the beach would be a nice respite from time to time. Neither of those is a necessity but they would be nice. More important would be to be able to help others. Ultimately, success to me is the freedom to do what I was created to do and to make a difference in this world.

Why did I spend so much time talking about my definition of success? Because here at the outset you need to have your own definition? If you don’t, you’ll find that success is a sliding scale leaving you stuck in the perpetual struggle of constantly wanting more. To me, that phrase “A better life,” describes contentment. What will make you content is your better life. Think about it and define it now.

It’s hard to create a better life if you don’t know what you’re creating.