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createbetterIf you recall from the very beginning of this project, I mentioned that I was going to try to make this project low to no cost, so that it was accessible to anyone who wanted to try to create a better life. I still maintain that it is possible. There will come a time though when there will be expenses that need to be covered. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Don’t quit your day job. There are a lot of pressures that are easily mitigated when you can pay your bills. Pressure is the enemy of creativity. True your day job takes time away from your time to create, and hopefully (if that’s your goal) there will come a time to quit your day job, but when you start, try building your dream while you still have your day job.

2. Freelance your gift. Use those talents of yours to build your following, raise a little extra cash, etc. It could be a great way to build your reputation and make connections.

3. Crowdfunding. Kickstarter and other services can help you to raise money and generate more awareness. It can work really great, especially if your plan involves something charitable or otherwise beneficial to society. People love to get behind a good cause.

4. Residual income. Residual income basically involves things that can be reproduced over and over again and can raise money almost completely on their own. For example: I am speaker. I can only get paid for that one time, but if I have books and other merchandise that I can sell, it can really help produce income for the night. I also have my books and other resources on my website (and Amazon) for sale 24/7/365. Some people have also been successful with online classes, webinars, etc.

Now before you think this is all about money, it’s not. It’s about enabling your dream. In each case, the goal should be to add value to the lives of the people who interact with you. You can serve other people really well just by doing a good job at work. Freelancers help their clients to accomplish their goals by giving their best and doing their best work. Crowdfunding allows you to give as many benefits as you want to your contributors and residual income products are a wonderful way to feed into your tribe. In exchange, helping them moves your tribe forward.

It’s all part of creating a better life.