Archive for May 14, 2015

createbetterIn the process of creating Create a Better Life, I have noticed very little feedback. So today I feel the need to close that loop a bit and ask how you’re doing?

Have you generated your ideas?
Have you settled in on one of them?
Have you set a deadline?
Have you identified some action steps?
Are you moving forward? Making progress?
Any missteps or course corrections necessary?

You will often recognize these pretty quickly. They are the things about a project that just don’t “feel quite” right, the things that are slowing your progress or making you feel like walking away. Don’t confuse this with fear or the inner critic trying to shut you down, those things are to be ignored and pushed through. Course corrections are healthy and good for projects. Refinement is a natural part of the creative process.

The last item for this inventory is closely related to the last question:
Are you on schedule to meet your deadline?
The reason for this is really simple. While refining is awesome, excellent and praiseworthy we can also tweak things to death and use imperfections as an excuse to hold our work close to the vest rather than releasing it to the world. As Steve Jobs said, “Real artists ship.” Translation: There is a time when the tweaking must stop and you need to release. Imperfections can be corrected along the way, but there comes a time when you have to show the world what you made or did. If no one knows about it, other than the sense of self satisfaction, it doesn’t really exist.

You can do what you have set out to do. You just have to keep moving toward it. Make your best effort and show it to the world. Remember, it’s not for everybody. It’s for the people who love what you do. Please them, honor their commitment to you and you’ll be well on your way to creating and living a better life.

So get to work! Why would you put off the chance at a better life?