Archive for May 13, 2015

createbetterIt was bound to happen. It happens in almost every creative project if you stick with it long enough. I’m stuck. Not terribly, is just seems that inspiration is nowhere to be found. What will I do? Well there’s a couple of things.

1. Don’t panic. Blocks happen to us all. It’s best not to obsess. If you find yourself blocked, creating more tension in your mind is not going to help. Relax and think.

2. Pray. I am aware that this will not resonate with all my readers but to me connecting our creativity with the Creator seems logical to me. If you’re not sure about all of this, try it. Ask God for help.

3. Do not wait for inspiration. Inspiration is not to be waited for, it is to be sought. Muses don’t exist so don’t bother looking for one. Start creating. Just do something. Get to work. You can always shift gears as you go, but the first step is start. Momentum requires movement, so move!

4. Set a deadline and ship it. You don’t have time to get stuck. Give yourself a deadline and finish on time.

You might be stuck, but you know where you want to go. Find a step toward it and take it. Every step should move you closer to your goal. I didn’t lie. I was stuck when I started to post so I thought about where do I want to get us to. I prayed and I started to work. In my case, Creating a Better Life, will always include being stuck, so it made sense to work that through and share it. That ended up being my next step and I took it. In the process, I became unstuck.

Being stuck is probably the number one impediment to creating a better life. Working through the stuck points will get you there.