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createbetterWhen you’re at the beginning of most creative projects and especially when you’re a solo-preneur you tend to need to do everything. There’s simply no budget to bring in a whole lot of other people to help. That being said, you know there are areas of any project that are not your strength, while others are in your “sweet spot.”

Throughout your project, though, it is best to begin to look for the areas where you’re weak. These will be the first areas you should farm out. There will some areas of a project where you might even be a liability to your project. The sooner you can get these off your plate your better. Look at it this way, that thing you hate to do, that thing you want to get off your plate, is probably someone else’s sweet spot, maybe even their dream. The more people you can have working in their “sweet spots” the better. People tend to excel in their zones.

Your sweet spot is the best place to invest your time. It’s where your creativity, and your productivity will shine. No one is good at everything. Seek out people who can help. If you can’t afford to pay them outright. There are alternatives. Maybe you can barter services. Perhaps you could do some profit sharing. From a partnership. Look for things that could be mutually beneficial, draw up an agreement and get to work.

No person is an island. Sometimes the best way to create a better life is in community. What a great way to help people while helping yourself. Collaborate to make your dreams come true.