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I made this for a new community theater group in our area, it’s a poster for the musical, BIG. A big part of serving God is serving others.

How can you use your gift to help other people.

createbetterIf you answered everyone, you need to spend some more time thinking. You will never please everyone, ever. The only way this would be even remotely possible would be if you diluted your work down to where it is so innocuous that no one will give it any attention. If you succeed in doing that, you will most likely find that you haven’t pleased one of the most important people in the process… YOU!

Here’s a better idea. Create the work that pleases you, share it with the world and claim it as your art. Once you’ve done it, you will get a couple reactions. Some will say they don’t like it, maybe even hate it. The instinct to alter your work to please these people will be huge as will the temptation to defend your work. I recommend you don’t do either one. Instead, wish those people well, smile and realize that person is not your audience so lovingly send them on their way. Rather, look for the people that like your work, appreciate them, show them your love, bless them, etc. These people are your tribe and worthy of your time, they’re the ones you want to create for. These are the ones you will want to please.

You’re almost always better off doing work that pleases you and seeking your tribe. After all, I’ve never met anyone who considers drudgery part of a better life.

What pleases you to create? There’s a good chance that these things are part of your definition of a better life.

Remember that today is Sunday. This is a rest day. (I wrote this post yesterday.) Give yourself a break, recharge those creative batteries and enjoy the day. Rest is a big part of a better life.