Create a Better Life: Day 13: Your Offer

Posted: April 25, 2015 in coaching, conferences, Speaking ministry
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createbetterI’ve heard it said a lot of times. Hey, I’ve even said it. “I have a lot to offer.” Well that’s great, but now it’s time to get specific. What are you going to offer to your people? When you post that first landing page, what are you going to offer people? It’s time to start getting specific.

The way to decide this is to look at a couple things. The first thing goes all the way back to the beginning. What is it you want to accomplish? Who is it you want to help? Next, look at your elevator pitch. Note how this quick description of your product shows it’s essence. From there, it’s time to refine and define your product. Your first way to deliver what it is that you do. What will it be? Here are a couple of suggestions.

1. A Webinar: Generate an hour of useful information that will truly help people in the way you want to help them. Search the web for a way to deliver your content, then begin to approach the people on your platform telling them that this will be available on such and such a date and promote it. You may want to do a test run ahead of time to work out the bugs and make sure the technology cooperates. I will share more on this in a future post, as this will likely be a vehicle I will use.

2. A Podcast: Podcasts can be a great vehicle for spreading information and there are several good online vehicles out there for delivering them. Research the ones that will work for you and give it a try. There are a few things to remember about podcasts. First, this ain’t Field of Dreams. Just because you build it does not mean they will come. You’ve got to be building your tribe through social media, blogging, etc. Secondly, consistency is king. If you’re going to podcast, you have got to deliver your content on a consistent basis or your audience will tune out. Listen to a few podcasts, develop your voice and deliver your content.

3. An e-book: E-books are a great way to share information. I’ve written quite a few. They don’t have to be long, they just have to be filled with useful information. You can go as simple as converting a Word document into a pdf and making it available for download, to working with a service that will make it available for e-readers and even print. I like to use because they are connected with Amazon and you can automatically make your books available on Kindle and in print on Amazon for free as well as buy your own books at a deep discount for live appearances. You can see a list of my books and resources here.

Needless to say there are a lot more things you could offer but I hoped you noticed that each one relies on the importance of building your tribe and doing your best to give them vital information.

What I am doing: While I have written several books and have tried my hand at podcasting, Create a Better Life is a brand new venture. I’m basing it on my experiences as a life-long creative, professional creative and my more recent experiences a speaker/blogger (I’ve been working at building that for over 15 years). My first offering for Create a Better Life will be a webinar and a workbook based on these posts as well as expanded information. I will also be making a print version of the book available. In the webinar, I plan on offering some coaching services and a live workshop.

This is one of the things I am working on to Create a Better Life. What are you doing?


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