Create a Better Life: Day 12: Course Correction

Posted: April 24, 2015 in coaching, conferences, Speaking ministry
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createbetterIt’s a travel day today so this will be a short post. I have decided to make a course correction on this project today. Remember I told you, you were going to see all of these too. After much research, I have decided that while I am still planning to do the day-long workshop and elements of that will continue to figure into these posts, the time frame is changing. Before I go live with the workshops, I am going to release several other projects including a workbook based on these posts, and several online classes, webinars and resources.

The reason I share this is to show that along the course of a project it is vital that we continue to study and look for more effective ways to do things. One of the essentials to the type of workshop I am planning is to have resources that will allow people to continue the process. Developing these items first will allow me to have them on hand when I do the first workshop. In addition, these items will allow further testing of the principles, etc. One of the things I have noticed as a creative over the years is it is a lot easier to create something I can do than it is to help someone else apply my ideas to what they do. These earlier developments will allow me to help a lot more people than I can in a live event, get a lot more people interested in attending a live event and help me to build a much better live event.

Do you have any course corrections you need to make on your project? Have you hit any snags that might make you feel like giving up? Do not give up. Make a course correction. Look at the things you can do right now and keep going. There is a way to do your project. Take the next right step and keep going.

That’s one of the ways we create a better life.


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