createbetterAs we go through our process, it will eventually become necessary to make an offer. People usually do this with a landing page. Many people say the purpose of your landing page is to add people to your email list. That is only partially correct. Do we want to have more contacts? Yes! Do we want to build a larger audience? Yes, because we want to help more people. And therein is the crux of the matter. Building a large list is important, but we don’t just build a list to build a list so we can sell more stuff. That’s called advertising and for most people it rings quite hollow. We build a list so we can help more people and so the purpose of our landing page is to add massive value to people’s lives. If you do that, they will want to hear from you, they will want to open your emails, maybe even some day buy what you’re selling.

I didn’t come up with this on my own. Oh I suppose I have always known it, and hopefully you have seen on my various blogs that helping people is first and foremost, but I heard someone say what I was thinking so articulately that it really made me look at what I was doing again. I mentioned the webinar yesterday. It was Donna Partow’s Tell Your Message to the World webinar and it was wonderful. I got an email telling me about a free webinar. I hadn’t heard of Donna before but the topic was of interest to me so I signed up. Yes, that means she has my email and I am on her list but I was interested enough to give her a shot. I was really glad I did. Over the first hour, she gave me so much information for free. I couldn’t believe I was getting all this for free and I was blessed. Yes in the last half hour (it was 90 minutes in all) she shared a “for-sale” program that will cost more than I can afford at the moment. That being said, it looks like a really good program that I may check out at a later point. This webinar was more than an ad, it was a wonderful free gift, and I can’t wait to see what she emails me next. She added value to my life.

Think about that last paragraph because it says something. Someone offered something for nothing more than my email address. I took advantage of their offer and was blessed by it. So blessed that I told my friends how great the person giving the gift is and shared links so my friends could also be blessed. This should be the end effect of everything we do online. In building our landing pages, we should attempt to add as much value as we can to people’s lives. This is what builds trust and allows people to consider your other offers.

My landing page will take more than one day to construct, but in the mean time, I have created a page that will catalog all 48 days of this process as I work through it. You can see that page here. As I have the offer more worked out, I will revisit this page.

One of the keys to creating a better life is helping others to create a better life.


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