Sunday night I got a real blessing. I started to see rumors on social media that Tim Tebow was going to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles. I was overjoyed. You see the Eagles fell out of favor with me years ago when they left Reggie White get away. I became a Packers fan at that point and remain one to this day. With the signing of Tebow, the Eagles are back on my good list. You might be wondering what any of this has to do with the topic of this blog, i.e. creative ministry… Only everything.

You see a friend of mine asked all his youth ministry and pastor followers if they would be using some sort of Tebow story as an illustration in their ministries. It is a great story, stand out college player goes pro, comes off the bench to lead his team to the playoffs, gets released in favor of one of the best of all time, gets bounced around, released, ends up becoming an analyst of the game but doesn’t give up on his dream and returns after two years to the pros. It’s a great story, a story of perseverance, but it’s not the real story.

If I were in the pulpit, I might share a Tim Tebow story but it would not be the NFL story. While I hope and pray God gives him favor and great victories in Philadelphia, that story has not yet been written (Though for his detractors I will point out, he led the Broncos just as far as an already Hall of Fame certified Peyton Manning did in his first year with the team). Here’s the real story. This is a young man, let’s not forget he’s only 27 years old. He’s been an outspoken representative of his faith from the time he hit the national spotlight in college. He’s take heat for that faith and never wavered. Lest we forget we start college as teenagers. But it gets better, through the ups and downs of his pro career, under a microscope, I might add, he stood firm. I mean come on, they call dropping to one knee in prayer “Tebowing.” How many prayer positions are named after you? Just sayin’.

tebowhospitalBeyond that this young man has used his fame and notoriety to do some real good in this world. At 27 he has already built a hospital in the Phillipines through CURE International, for goodness sake, and everyone knows why, because this young man regularly gives glory to God. And that is what all of us can take away. That’s the real story.

Tim Tebow wanted to be an NFL quarterback and even when that dream didn’t seem to be working out, he used what he was given to the glory of God. That is something we can all do. We can all be faithful with we have been given, make the most of every opportunity, wherever we are at, and live to the glory of God.

So Mr. Tebow, welcome to Philadelphia. I hope you do amazing things here on and off the field. To the rest of us, pray for this young man. God has given him a big platform and that sometimes makes us big targets. I can’t wait to see what God will do.


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