Create a Better Life: Day 9: Never Stop Learning

Posted: April 21, 2015 in coaching, conferences, Speaking ministry
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createbetterYesterday, there was an email in my inbox advertising a free webinar for people interested in speaking. I’d not heard of the speaker, but the content in the email looked interesting enough that I signed up. It was of great benefit and it showed me a couple of directional shifts I may want to make in this process going forward. I’ll tell more about this in a later post, but continuing to learn is crucial and the internet is full of opportunities to learn.

Why should you spend your time learning?
1. You only know what you know. You may well be the world’s foremost expert in your chosen field, but do you know how to find your audience and get your information to them? Do you know every aspect necessary to accomplish your mission? If you answered yes to that question, my guess is your scope is too small. There is always something to be gained by learning something new.
2. Seeking out learning helps you connect with other people interested in your field. These people could become colleagues, students or even mentors. You might even make a few friends this way.
3. Continued learning can also help you to become aware of new opportunities to help, learn, earn and grow, maybe even ways to create a better life.

The best part is there are a tremendous amount of learning opportunities on the web for free. The point is you never know what will come of learning, but it is always of benefit so never stop learning.

It will help you to create a better life.


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