createbetterThe next step in creating something is deciding what the format will be and how it will be delivered. Who will your audience be? How will you bring your creation to them? Where and When? Why should they come to you or buy your product/service? What do you hope/believe they will gain from it? The key to all of this is knowing what you have to offer, who it can help and how to deliver value. If you know these three things, success should follow. So let’s have a look at my project. Who will your audience be? Remember we are still early in the process and this is happening in real time, so some refinement will be required. At this point it feels pretty broad as virtually everyone envisions a better life. My sense is that while many desire it, a relative few will be willing to do what it takes, of them some will be repelled by the concept if creativity. This will narrow the field to people who are already somewhat entrepreneurial, visionary, but need some guidance and encouragement. (As I looked at this, I got a new idea modifying the content slightly and offering this to companies to look at the processes and procedures with fresh/creative eyes, so I wrote that down and returned to the task at hand.) Another thing I want to look at, at this point is who I want to speak to. Most of what I have done to this point in life has required very little in the way of resources and a lot of creativity. I feel that this is where I will be most successful so part of my promotion is going to include that we are going to start with what we have, low cost, high reward ideas. To refine, the audience for this initial offering will be people who are seeking a better life, who are already somewhat entrepreneurial, looking for low cost (at least initially) solutions leading to a high reward. How will you bring your creation to them? I’m planning a variety of vehicles. The initial offering will be a day long seminar/workshop featuring a combination of teaching/demonstration combined with hands on activities. I am working toward making this something that can be replicated regularly and marketed in a variety of areas. In conjunction with that, I want to have at least one workbook (you’re reading parts of that right now). I plan on adding more books as I go, as well as offering a coaching service for those who want to take their ideas further. I also plan on a podcast and continuing the information on Where and When? The first workshop will be held early summer in a local hotel ballroom which I will be securing soon. Why should they come to you or buy your product/service? I’ve worked virtually my entire adult life in creative professions. I’m a professional artist. I’ve designed everything from grocery circulars to theater sets, I even freelanced for a licensee of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m a professional speaker whose been doing workshops on various aspects of creativity for over 15 years. I’ve written several books and resources on creativity and creative ministry and I am a student of creativity and a daily blogger on the topic on three different blogs, and What do you hope/believe they will gain from it? My goal is for people to come way from this seminar with at least one idea they can put into action and a plan to take that idea into reality. From there, the skies the limit. So who’d like to join me in creating a better life?

  1. Jim Hardenbrook says:

    Good morning Dave. This is Jim Hardenbrook. I met you several times while serving Church of the Brethren congregations. Since moving back to Idaho we have been doing interim ministry. Right now we are with a methodist congregation in Kimberly Idaho. We are on the verge of a spiritual renewal. The chosen theme is “We have decided to follow Jesus. ..” Do you have any prints we could buy or lease for this effort?

    My phone number is 208 907 2935.

    Be not afraid Jim Hardenbrook

    • amokarts says:

      Hi Jim,
      How are you? I appreciate your making contact. I really don’t have a print for that topic, but I wouldn’t mind creating something. Do you have projection capabilities? Maybe some sort of video bump for that effort might be cool??? Of course I would also love to come out and do a couple days of services around the topic. I have a lot of body of Christ, use your gifts to serve the Lord presentations with live paintings and such. I could create things right there that you could keep.
      😀 take care,

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