This week at the Foundry the pastor is doing a series on our “Super Powers” Spiritual gifts and talents. I speed painted these Ninja Turtles one in each of the services. Why the turtles in a worship service? I went in a little different direction to start my message. For those who don’t know, for a brief period of time, I made a small part of my living working for a licensee of the Ninja Turtles (this was during the Turtle Mania period of the late 80s and early 90s). My client sold me a pipe dream of wealth and fame and I fell for it. I was obsessed with becoming a famous artist and in the process I misused my gift. I almost lost everything.

I shared this story as a lead in to how to properly use our gifts and why that is important. It ended up being a well received and challenging message. I look back on my TMNT period fondly for two reasons: 1. I got to do some pretty interesting stuff and 2. It was a time in my life when God withheld what I thought I wanted to give me what I really needed. I am alive, healthy and in ministry today because God loved me enough to say no to a dream, and when I gave it over to Him, He gave me a better one.

Today I get to paint pictures and yes even the Ninja Turtles to the glory of God.

Cowabunga, God is awesome.

  1. I love the paintings here, what spiritual gifts do Rafael and Leonardo represent?

    • amokarts says:

      Actually they don’t. I used them for the introduction my testimony where I shared about my time working for a licensee of the Ninja Turtles when I misused my gifts and then I dealt with how God turned that around and how I look back on my time working on the turtles fondly because it reminds me that God didn’t give me what I wanted but he gave me exactly what I needed.

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