This may seem off topic and yet as we use out gifts to serve the Lord, there is always the chance for controversy. Let’s face it, there are some things on which people will never agree, at least on this side of the grave. How we conduct ourselves in the midst of controversy is really, really important. I think a little math is in order here…

Submission is less than agreement.

What do I mean? Well, look at it this way. People can be beaten into submission. Given the right level of abuse we can all hit our breaking point and give in. What we can’t be beaten into is agreement. That’s because agreement is from the heart and to get someone to agree involves them having a change of heart. That doesn’t happen through violence. It’s why the crusades didn’t work (neither will the current form of it) and Jesus did.

This is still true. People aren’t beaten into faith or repentance, nor are they, at least for the most part, argued into it. Crusaders didn’t make people Christians, they made them say “uncle.” It’s not the same thing. Likewise people are rarely converted because of our debating skills or our ability to overpower them in a verbal joust. No, people are converted by love. If we’re to be like Jesus, we don’t give someone a beating, we take their beating. We sacrifice and we love.

Forced acceptance is not acceptance. Jesus won the battle for our souls by sacrifice. Not by beating but by taking a beating and not by killing but by dying and as He died He said “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.”

We really don’t… You get that, right? We win by losing. We beat hate with love.

Agreement is greater than submission.

Unless we’re submitting to God, and if we submit to Him everything else will eventually fall into place.


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