How we tell a story is important.

Yesterday, I told the Easter story before my church’s Easter Egg Hunt. It’s a story I’ve told a lot of times, but having to adapt the telling for young children made me look at it differently. How do you relate the horrors of the cross to little ones? Then something hit me. Too often we Christians end the story too soon. We leave our story, Jesus’ story, in the realm of tragedy. We talk about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, and He did and that is awesome, the ultimate act of love, but it’s not the end of the story.

Our story is not a tragedy. Jesus is not a tragic loss, not a victim. Jesus is a hero. No, Jesus is THE Hero. The one on whom all heroes are based. He rises up against unspeakable odds with powers beyond our comprehension and defeats death itself. The story of Jesus is the story of ultimate victory. The cross is so hugely important and we need to tell that story, but we have to be careful not to end the story before the best part. We can’t afford to end this story at the cross or the tomb because that’s not where the story ends. Jesus rises from the tomb. His tomb is empty and for all who believe in Him, so shall ours be.

This ain’t a tragedy. This story ends in eternal victory.

Jesus is risen.

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