I am reading the book of First Chronicles in my devotions right now. This is another place where a lot of Bible readers get stuck. For the last two days I’ve been reading list of names after list of names after list of names. I don’t know about your brain, but mine can’t retain them all. It’s just too many names…

and yet…

All these people were part of the story. Some did great stuff, some did terrible stuff. A lot of them made the way for others to do great stuff. In one way or another they were all used by God to move the story forward. The story that now includes you and me. Maybe these names are more important than we think.

Well the canon of Scripture is closed but the story continues and we are part of the story. While your name may never be added to these list in Scripture, there is a book where your name is written. The Book of Life. What will your entry say? That’s determined by God’s will and by the story you live.

What story are you living?

One last thought… Who are the names in your story? The heroes, the villains, the people who were used to make you possible, even the bit players. It started at Adam, it went through Noah, and then it branched out wide. It includes the people who’ve loved you, people who didn’t, people you’ve known all your life and people you’ve never met. People who’ve influenced you and people who showed us what not to do. The people who invented the stuff we needed to get where we are, the people who taught us how to use it. The list goes on and on. I bet if you think about it, there is a long list of names.

Because we’re all interconnected.

  1. Celita says:

    Hi, Dave. I am still around. Just not online all that much. Wow, what a question. My first thought was a title of one portion of my “Chronicles”. Nope, it cannot be shared online, It might have to be used as a chapter in my life story. hahahah…

    Sometimes I wonder about this, and ponder it. God is using Life to sift through these questions for me. I think that He is gearing me to include more of my life in my artistic expressions, but not just for “therapy”, “coping”, or such, but for ministry. People are hurting out there. And, He can use our stories to encourage others. so… for the time being, my story is a journey with the longest word of my life, WAIT. 🙂 Vague, right? but, so very full. Blessings!

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