There’s a moment every creative lives for. It’s the moment when the piece of work is finished and the vision, becomes reality. There’s nothing better than being able to touch what once only existed in our minds.

In a few months, I am anticipating a new reality. By the grace of God, I’m going to be getting a new title, one I have longed for for quite some time. That title… Pappy. My daughter-in-law is carrying my first grandchild. I must confess that even now, I see him and me fishing by the pond on their farm. I can see me teaching him to build models, telling him about Jesus and teaching him to draw pictures. I can see my refrigerator becoming a gallery to some very precious art and I’m kind of hoping a few of them say “I love pappy” in the way only children can write it. I try not to let the anticipation go too far… he might not like to draw… but I can’t help it. This much I know though, regardless on that day he becomes reality is going to be a blessed day for me.

Of course there is another anticipation that stands before all of us believers, that day when heaven becomes our reality and while I don’t always feel ready for that day, because it so feels like there are many more people to be reached and more work to be done, I am also really aware of how awesome it will be when it’s time. It’s part of the blessed hope we receive in Jesus. One day, we believers will get to see the world as God intended it, untainted and perfect with no more tears or pain. The ultimate anticipation of the ultimate reality.

But here’s the thing, Our creations are already real to us. It’s why we take the risks it takes to make them and show them to the world. So they can see what we are already blessed to see. My grandson, he’s already real too and while he may not be at all the way I imagine him, he’s already exactly how God imagined him and when he is ready to make his arrival, I know he will surpass what I imagined and that just makes the anticipation better. And friends, no matter what you think heaven will be, no matter what you’re anticipating, the reality will surpass it. Oh and by the way, it’s already real too.

In all these things, the best thing we can do is allow the reality in our minds to drive us to do the best we can to prepare for that blessed day when imagination becomes reality…

In anticipation…

  1. Celita says:

    Congratulations on this wonderful news. I may be late, but, that just means that you are closer to meeting this little blessing. 🙂

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