Our church has two services. The early “traditional” service and the later “contemporary” service. My wife and I normally attend the contemporary service but this morning, with snow imminent, we opted for the early service. It made me think. My preferences definitely lean toward the drums and guitars, more-so than the organ and hymnal music but is that what it’s really all about.

I mean many of us have experienced at least some expression of the worship wars and people dividing over their preferences, especially music preferences. I think that is really, really wrong. Our preferences are not, nor have they ever been what worship is al about. Worship is for an audience of One, for God and God is much more concerned about what is going on in our hearts than about what style of music we bring. We need to be more focused on God than on what we prefer.

The primary goal of worship is to worship God. Secondly to draw people to Christ and to create life change in the people. The more people we can involve in worship the better. Beyond that we need to remember that our lives are supposed be worship, offering everything we have to God. If we were to be honest, there are times where our preferences keep that from happening and that needs to change. We need to bring our “whatever gifts” to worship, to honor our very worthy heavenly Father. (The know where that comes from, right? The word “Worship” is derived from the phrase “worth-ship”.) We need to bring our best, so we can be used to draw hearts and minds to the Lord and more than anything else. We need to trust God to cover all the rest.

God is so good. Worship Him today and every day.


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