The Importance of Mind Control

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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This post is going to seem really strange, so please stick with me. I think you will see my point.

I just awoke from a nightmare. I was out with some friends in the woods. I think I was going to be speaking because we were standing around this large amphitheater. We were chatting before hand and I was standing on a couple rocks that were sort of loose rocking back and forth. I remember thinking, “I better watch myself, there could be rattlesnakes under these rocks.” All of the sudden one of my friends, yells and grabs a rock to kill a huge rattlesnake. I remember thinking, “He’ll never kill it with that rock.” Sure enough the snake reared up. I thought, “I better get out of here.” I started to back away, and sure enough it looked at me and started coming toward me.

I was scared and started to back away faster. All of the sudden, the thing grew legs so it could come after me faster. It morphed into a rabid dog and I started to run. I remember thinking, “If I fall it will get me.” and sure enough I tripped and fell. The snarling figment of my imagination (rabid snake-dog???) was on top of me in seconds ready to bite, and then, mercifully, I woke up.

Why do I tell you such a weird dream. Did you notice what happened? Everything I thought came into being. Everything, every fear, my imagination conjured, came true. I don’t necessarily think that happens in the real world all the time, but sometimes it does. The stuff we worry about seems to happen. It’s not necessarily anything mystical, just self fulfilling prophecies. If we think about something long enough we will subconsciously make it happen or if we look for something long enough, we find it. At the very least we let the stuff we worry about steal our joy and we miss a lot, fearing something that may never happen.

Creatives specialize bringing the things we imagine to reality. This is awesome but it can be a two edged sword. Fear and worry are often imagination misused. We need to get our thinking, our minds under control. We need to identify negative thought patterns and put them out. Jesus warned us about worry and asked us to trust Him instead. Paul tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. How we think definitely determines the way we live. So check yourself, take those thoughts captive, and give them to Jesus.

Otherwise the rabid snake-dogs are coming…


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