The Choice… Audience Version…

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Speaking ministry, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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There are few things as disappointing as planning an event or a service and very few people show up. It can be really discouraging and I am with you. The smallest group I ever preached to was two people and one of them was my wife. It makes you wonder why you do what you do. Like everything else though, this is a choice.

There is a real temptation to cancel the event, the service, and move on or at the very least to cut back and do something lesser. And yes, that’s a choice, but I question whether or not it’s the right one. (I know there may be financial considerations, but let’s take that off the table for a moment.)

What does it say to the people that showed up? The people that braved the elements or at the very least cared enough to show up when no one else did. These are people with choices of their own. People who had other options and chose to valuable spend time they will never get back on you and your event. Maybe instead of cutting back we should reward their loyalty, by not only not cutting back but by going above and beyond.

They might be just a few, but they showed up. They’re your audience, loyal to you or at least to what you do. They’re the people that will tell others if it goes well and probably cheer you on even if it falls flat. I think that deserves something special. I remember showing up at a concert held by a national recording artist. It was a small venue and a fairly small audience. He began talking to us, sharing his heart and taking requests as we shouted them out to him. He totally reworked his performance to us, His audience. It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever been a part of. Was he disappointed at how small the crowd was? If he was he didn’t show it. Instead, he made us feel like we were special to him. He made a fan for life that night.

What will you do, the next time only a few people show up? I recommend bringing it for all you’re worth no matter what size the audience is and let God handle the rest. The choice is yours.

(Author’s note: I know some in the Christian community may balk at my use of the word audience here, as there is an objection to seeing things as “performances” rather than acts of worship. I use the word here to connote a group of people coming together for an experience and hope you will give me some latitude. I, too, worship for an audience of One.)


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