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What do you do when it’s the sabbath (Yes I know that the Sabbath is actually Saturday, but a lot of Christians regard Saturday as the Sabbath) and your work is also what you love to do?

1. Check yourself. Is your work becoming too big a priority in your life. Are you pushing family, faith and all the REALLY important things aside for your work. If so, you are in danger of idolatry and you may need to lay it aside for a while.
2. Make worship a priority. I know I often upset people with my views on this topic but my conviction remains unchanged. Believers belong in a worship service with other believers regularly. If you begin to feel like worship is getting in the way of your work refer to step one.
3. After worship, if you feel inspired, perhaps you could put your project aside and do a project that is just for fun. Sabbath is a good time to do things just for the enjoyment of it. Do you have a hobby? If not, you may need to get one.
4. Lay your work aside and do a family activity instead.
5. Rest… Take a nap… Read a book, etc. Ultimately that is what the Sabbath is designed for.

When the pharisees were getting too legalistic about the Sabbath, Jesus challenged them, asking which of them would not rescue their ox on the Sabbath and reminding them that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath. That being said, God was pretty adamant about sabbath. In the Old Testament the penalty for breaking sabbath was death. This was not because God is harsh but because He knows our penchant for idolatry. He wanted to remain our number one priority and He still does.

Clearly the new covenant in Christ removes the old penalty, but Sabbath is a gift from God. It gives us the opportunity to keep Him priority one as well as a much needed rest so that we won’t work ourselves into an early grave. We ignore it at our peril. If the God of the universe rested, what makes us think we don’t need to?

I’m not saying you can’t do anything on the Sabbath. I had to shovel a 100 foot driveway this morning because God blessed us with a pile of snow overnight. I am saying we need to keep God first and rest. Speaking of which, I am signing off. I have an opportunity to rest and I’m taking it.

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