gencurseYesterday, my pastor preached a message on generational sin. Quoting the passage about how the sins of the fathers were visited upon the next generation, up to the third and fourth. It’s not that God punishes children for what their parents have done so much as it is the thoughts and feelings we carry with us from generation to generation until we begin to believe this is what we deserve, the way it will always be and the way it has always been. There was a time in the message to meditate on the things we might have received and what we may be passing down. He even posted a list of possible sins to consider and one of them stood out to me as if it were printed in neon surrounded by arrows and a sign saying, “Dave, this one is you!” It’s feelings of inferiority. I think a lot of creatives are afflicted with this one, so I decided to share it with you today.

Feelings of inferiority hold us back in big and small ways. From making us eternally tweak our work and hold it back from the world to questioning our faith because “how on earth could God love me?” If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of not being good enough, this one is for you.

Let’s start off with the big one. Not being good enough for God. Really simply, you’re not, but that’s okay. See the fortunate thing is it’s not about how good you are, it’s about how good a perfectly good God is. God loves you because He is good. Our attempts at goodness are not to try to earn salvation. That’s a gift He gives freely. Our attempts at goodness and righteousness are a response to His love. We fail at it all the time and He knew we would when He gave Jesus. So put that area of good enough out of your mind. You are good enough because God is good enough and the Sacrifice Jesus made was enough to pay the price.

Now to inferiority in our work, and our creativity. The truth is “good enough” in our work is subjective. Perfectionism is at best disobedience and at worst idolatry. A bit harsh? Think about it. Is your gift from God? (yes) Does He expect you to use that gift to serve Him? (yes) If He has asked you to do something and you withhold it because of some man-made standard, are you being obedient? (NO) Look, you’re not perfect and you never will be on this side of the grave, but God can use you right where you are and the same applies to your work. It will be flawed, just like you are flawed but God is not demanding something you can’t deliver. If you think anything else, you may want to check the preceding paragraph again. God does not desire something we can’t deliver. He desires that we give the best we have and do the best we can with what we have. His desire is not perfection, it’s faithfulness.

If you deliver your best today, realize you will probably continue to get better. God loves you. He just wants your best–to give Him that and to trust Him for everything else. Beyond that, you need to know who you are. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you are a Child of God.

That’s good enough!

  1. Thanks, Dave. You know I have an inferiority complex. But several months ago, God spoke to me about it. He promised to free me from it. It hasn’t been easy to look at myself differently after believing the lie for a lifetime. But little by little, He reminds me I am His and He is mind. Thereby, I am able to let go of inferiority and trust Him more.

  2. Yes. When I do my best for God, gradually my skill improves.

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