Frustrated Incorporated: Dealing with Frustration

Posted: January 30, 2015 in Art for Sale, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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I try to take at least one step toward my goals each day. Yesterday was not exception. There are a couple places I really want to speak at that require a DVD of a speaker in action in front of a live audience giving a full presentation. I travel alone most of the time and with no one to run the camera, video of me is in short supply. A couple of months ago, I did Pictures of Jesus at a coffee house and they were using a camera to project me to a back room. I asked if they could record me and they did. About a week later I received a DVD of the presentation. It’s not perfect but it will do.

Last night, my goal was to make copies of the DVD to send to these venues and then the fun began. Because of the way the DVD was formatted, I had to rip it, then when I went to generate a new DVD it appeared to work well, until I went to play it at which point the machine didn’t register that the DVD was even in it. I downloaded a free DVD generator and tried again. It said the video would be watermarked. I didn’t think that would be a big problem. A small logo in the corner giving the programmer his props is a small price to pay. It took the better part of an hour because the file is huge, but I was happy. Until I put it in the machine to test the playback. Huge red letters across the whole screen, not a watermark, a neon sign. I was ticked. I went back and bought the full version (without the watermark) and tried again. Success, an hour of my life I will never get back but at least success. So I set another one in and went to bed. The burn failed because, like me, the computer went to sleep. That old Soul Asylum song, Misery, went through my head with it’s chorus: “Frustrated Incorporated.” It was one frustrating night.

So why the happy-go-lucky guy at the top of the page. Because there is a great way to deal with frustration. Those hours of trial and error could have been a total waste, but they weren’t. I was getting frustrated watching the percentages of my project crawl by with nothing I could do, so I set it aside and began to draw. Over the course of hours of computer madness, I finished the drawing above entitled Wacky (available on T-shirts and prints) and sketched out four more. Instead of wasting time being frustrated, redirect your efforts to something creative.

When you’ve done all you can… Do something else.

Here’s Soul Asylum…


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