The Mission… Should You Choose to Accept It…

Posted: January 17, 2015 in books, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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the messageThis year in my devotions I am reading The Message cover to cover, Genesis to Revelation. In his introduction to Leviticus, Eugene Peterson makes a pretty great and very truthful statement. Peterson writes:

One of the stubbornly enduring habits of the human race is to insist on domesticating God. We are determined to tame Him. We figure out ways to harness God to our projects. We reduce God to a size that conveniently fits our plans and ambitions and tastes.

But the Scriptures are even more stubborn in telling us that we can’t do it. God cannot be fit into our plans, we must fit into His. We can’t use God—God is not a tool or appliance or credit card.

I think this really hit me because I know that if I don’t guard my heart, I also have this tendency. There are days where I’ll admit, I would just love it if God would just cooperate and do what I want Him to do. This is a Spiritual danger zone. Places are shifting, and I am moving myself into the place that God should occupy in my life. Do you ever go there?

What we need to remember is God is God and we are not. We create stuff, He created the universe. He’s perfect, we are far from it. He knows the story from beginning to end while we can barely see the next step and when we can see it, it is because He illuminated it for us. We are addicted to easy, to comfort and we get frustrated when God seems to refuse to play along.

But consider this. We get to be part of God’s plan. We get to have a hand in some pretty amazing things. This is not because we are awesome or worthy, but because we’ve been invited into them by a God who loves us. When we try to make Him part of what we’re doing, we take on far too much pressure. Better for us to submit to being a part of what He is doing. He will never fit into our mold. He’s simply too big, but when we allow him to bust through our convenience and complacency, when we allow Him to knead us and mold us and push us into His mold, we become the very thing He intended us to be. That is the meaning of our lives. That’s why we were created. That’s the mission.

Will you trust God to be good? Will you trust Him to lead the way? Will you join Him in the life-changing, world-changing work He is doing in this world? That’s the mission.

Do you accept it?


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