I painted at a church nearby this past Sunday. I did my presentation, Hurried, Buried and Worried. In this presentation I always paint a picture of Jesus as king. I was pretty happy how it came out, but then something happened. The pastor looked at the painting and said “Jesus looks like you.” It was a compliment but it gave me a weird feeling.

If the painting looks like me, it’s unintentional, but if there’s one thing this world does not need it’s a Jesus that looks like me. Too often, that is what it looks like. We go looking for a Jesus who looks like us. He’s not like us, He is better than us. Our desire should be to look like Jesus-to represent Him well to the world around us.

We’re created in His image. We need to look like Him.

  1. It’s been my observation that most artists’ portraits resemble the artists themselves to some degree. A bit of who we are … parts of our character show up in our artwork. But isn’t that like our Creator? His character is evident in all of us, and especially so in believers. So maybe the pastor first saw Jesus in you, Dave, then noticed the image you painted also resembled you.

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