I did a presentation of Pictures of Jesus for Five Stones Community Church at Ashland University. A few days ago my friend Jody Thomae sent me photo of three of the pieces I did for them on display. I love doing this presentation. The combined total of time to do all three pieces is less than 17 minutes. I do two more paintings in the presentation as well. Each of the pieces tells part of the story of Jesus. I think they did a great job. If you’d like Pictures of Jesus at your church, or any of my other presentations, please contact me.

  1. annecutri says:

    Congrats Dave looks very striking there!

  2. This is beautiful. This is definitely the Jesus I know from the Bible, a sacrificial lamb and the Lion of Judah.

  3. Jody Thomae says:

    I love how this looks in our lower chapel area. It was always such a cluttered and crowded area. They recently cleaned it all up and put the focus on Christ!! And Dave’s work looks amazing there!! I would highly recommend Pictures of Jesus for your church! We did it on a Sunday AM and used it as a “bring a friend to church Sunday” for outreach and evangelism.
    Blessings! Jody

  4. dcampbell says:

    This is amazing. It is beautiful

    • amokarts says:

      Thanks so much J. Darlene. This is part of my presentation Pictures of Jesus. the lion and the lamb take six minutes each and the profile of Jesus, a little less than five. Each piece (there are two more besides these three tell p[art of the story of Jesus and our relationship with Him.

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