Archive for December 28, 2014

One of the Facebook groups I am a part of had the members set their guiding word for the year as a way of looking at our goals. My word for the year is:


You might be thinking no surprises there, but it’s more than it appears to be. You see as I look at my goals this is what they all involve.

My goals for this year include:

To do more creative coaching. I would like to have at least five “clients” this year. Contact me if you’re interested.

To finish the two books I have in progress. One entitled The Creative Church Manifesto and the other doesn’t have a title yet but it’s about helping individuals and businesses to build their creativity.

To rework and enhance my Creative Church Workshop and to offer it at least five times this year.

To create a teaching resource for church creative arts groups and begin beta testing with my own group and at least two other groups. I consider this second element to be vital. It’s pretty easy to teach your own material but to create that material so others can teach it is the “rub.”

To build a new website, combining all my web presences into one.

To create several marketable resources for building creativity, including a day-long workshop for individuals, students and/or businesses.

I am also working on a brand new presentation for churches called Evangelism is Love and I have set a speaking goal of at least 50 engagements this year.

That’s a full plate and as you can see, every one of these goals will require creativity. Now as with most goals, these are things I desire to complete. As I move forward in prayer, some goals will be tabled and new things I haven’t thought of yet will replace them, but this is what I am aiming for, trusting God to motivate, change and redirect as needed.

Creativity is my word for this year. What is yours?