Reclaiming Christmas

Posted: December 12, 2014 in creative challenge
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No this isn’t one of those keep Christ in Christmas posts. Hopefully you are all doing that already. This is a creative challenge. The challenge is really simple find something old but also sort of cool and interesting and turn it into a gift. It might be a flea market find or something you have in the attic. I’m not talking regifting here. I’m talking about taking something and repurposing it into the kind of gift that will make the recipient say wow.

DawnHope As an example, my wife Dawn loves to make things out of wood. One to the things she does is gather old skids. She then dismantles them and turns them into some pretty cool things. One of the things she did not long ago was combine them with some canvasses and created this unique piece of wall art.

This year she is also making this cool snowflake. (This is an online photo, hers is not yet complete and will be a little different.)skid snowflake

Your only limitation on this is your creativity, well and time, there are only 13 days left.


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