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MOREPOWERNo I am not turning into a supervillain who wants to rule the world. Nor am I flashing back to Tim the Tool Man Taylor (grunt, grunt, grunt). No this isn’t some sort of power grab or a desire for political leadership or some lofty position. I just want more power.

I better explain. I’m in another really busy season. I’m covering a lot of ground very quickly and doing a lot of work. Anyone who knows me, knows I like this. I love productive times and I love to create, therefore being busy for me usually feels good, but here is the issue. Times of busyness can be distracting spiritually. I can get in a place where I tend to plow through projects and sometimes the most necessary things, like prayer and devotions can move from the forefront. God continues to bless, because God is good, but I sometimes wonder how much more power could be in everything that I do, if I always kept my priorities in line. I’m getting better about this and I am seeing God moving in what I am doing, but if my greatest desire is to move in God’s power, then I can always do better. If I want to see my work have maximum impact, I need to be intimately connected with the source of my power. My own talents and gifts will only take me so far. That “he is the vine we are the branches” thing… Jesus meant that. He also meant it when He said “…apart from me you can do nothing.”

I can’t say my ministry is weak and I can’t say I am not seeing fruit. I just want to see more. Lord, if I am greedy for anything, let it be your power. If I covet anything, let it be to see your glory, to see your Kingdom advance and see people drawn to you, let this be my greatest desire. I want more of your power, Lord, until people have a hard time seeing where I end and you begin. In reference to my life, you must become greater and I must become less.

I want more of God’s power evident in my life and ministry.
How about you?