You are a Work of Art. Are You an Artist at Work?

Posted: November 26, 2014 in church art ministry resources, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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My creative arts group is working through Erwin McManus’ amazing book The Artisan Soul. One of the recurring themes on the book is “Bees make hives, ants make colonies but humans make futures.” Some folks may want to kick against that idea but I find it to be true. Yes it is true that God is sovereign over everything, but it’s hard to argue that the choices we make and the things we create play a big part in the future we live.

The overarching theme of it all is at the top of this page. You are a work of art and an artist at work. You were created by God. You are His masterpiece and you were created to create. God places within us and entrusts us with gifts, talents and more things that are of incredible value and calls us to put these things to work to build His Kingdom, draw people to Him and reflect His glory.

You are a work of art, prized and loved by your perfect Creator.
You are an artist at work…

What is the future you are creating?

  1. Reblogged this on Thru His vessel JB and commented:
    To everyone who is an artist or not. Remember this, God created you and thus you are His masterpiece, an original, never to be replaced. Keep that mind. Love you all with the love of the Lord.

    Thru His vessel JB

  2. amokarts says:

    Thanks for reposting JB!

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