diffI loved what happened yesterday. I was ministering at a really wonderful church as part of their friendship Sunday, a day when they made a concerted effort to reach out to their community. And as often seems to happen, when we make a concerted effort at outreach, things started going wrong. That wasn’t what I loved. Speakers started feeding back, which got fixed minutes before the start of the service. That wasn’t what I loved. Their worship leader was sick and unable to be there (didn’t love that of course) so they had to go with recorded tracks (I’m good with that.) Then as we began singing, the tracks started giving them trouble, skipping, cutting out, etc. (I felt for my hosts on that one too. Technology is great but it has failed most of us at one time or another and no one loves that.) I was painting during this time with my back to the congregation and that is when the thing that I loved happened. The people kept right on singing. The ones who knew the songs, led everyone else. It was as if to say, “nothing is going to keep us from praising God.” It ended up being a great service.

Friends there will always be things that work to try to keep us from praising God and they seem to especially happen at the most inopportune times. It’s usually in those moments when we need to praise God the most. God is always worthy of our praise, don’t let a few inconveniences stop you from praising God.

How can you praise God in the midst of struggles?


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