Have You Ever Wanted to Make a Living from Your Creativity? Creativity for Sale by Jason SurfrApp

Posted: November 17, 2014 in books
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I was listening to the 48 Days to the Work You Love Podcast with Dan Miller a few days ago when he started telling the story of this guy who made a million dollars for wearing T-shirts. Needless to say I was a bit intrigued. “I wear T-shirts for free nearly every day,” I thought. Then Dan mentioned that the guy had a book out, and I knew I had to pick it up.

I was really glad I did. I just finished the book and it was really quite good. The book is called Creativity For Sale: How I Made ,000,000 Wearing T-Shirts and How You Can Turn Your Passion Into Profit, Too Now of course Jason did a lot more than wear shirts to earn that kind of money, but that’s what I love about this book. The author is not trying to create an army of T-shirt wearing minions, instead he takes an accurate and honest look at what it takes to create a business that is way outside the box. In the pages of this book, he tells how he took some pretty “out there” creative ideas and turned them into successful businesses. Beyond all the insights, what I love about this book is that the author is extremely honest, not just about the upsides but about the trials and tribulations, his successes and failures. This is a fascinating book from a fascinating person. Jason SurfrApp is someone I would love to meet. This is not just a dry business book. It’s a great story filled with really useful information.

Reading this book has given me several ideas that I plan to put to work as I launch some new ideas, and improve some of what I am already doing at AMOKArts.com. I really enjoyed this book and if you would love to make a living with your creative idea, I highly recommend it.

One last thing. You might wonder if I misspelled the author’s name, spell check sure did. But no, his last name is another of his ideas. He sold his last name for a year for $45,000. Please, please, please do not even attempt that, at least until you’ve read the book.


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