SSD13_BB83webYears ago I experienced a thought that moved me and helped me. I was a fairly new believer and I was struggling for understanding on the subject of pornography. Like many other young men, I had seen a fair amount of it in my formative years and knew it was something that should not be a part of my life, but more than that, I knew it shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s life but how to communicate that to others. One day in prayer, it hit me, “she’s somebody’s daughter.” That woman you’re ogling, what if she was your sister or, God forbid, your daughter? Because she is somebody’s daughter. That whole “do unto others” thing, God meant that. Seeing someone as a beloved human rather than an object to be ogled should change your point of view.

I shared that several times with people in person and online and you can tell it made people think differently.

The other day I was on my way to a ministry opportunity. On my route is a stretch of road with several pornographic establishments. Right before them was a billboard that caught my eye. It had a photograph of a woman looking intelligent and healthy and happy with the phrase “She’s somebody’s daughter” next to it. I loved it. Someone else had the same thought and took it and ran with it in a way I couldn’t have. Last night on my way from a another series of meetings, I saw another one posted larger than life right before a notorious “gentleman’s” club. (By the way, that is one of those phrases that should be required to be changed, gentlemen don’t go to “gentleman’s” clubs.) As far as I know, She’s Somebody’s Daughter seems to be a Pennsylvania thing at this point. My prayer is that it would go nationwide. This is a group that is telling a better story by changing the story, changing perspectives and hopefully changing some minds. Pornography and the sex industry are destructive to everyone involved. The first amendment says we can’t just shut it down. This is an evil that has to be attacked on the demand side. She’s Somebody’s Daughter is a great first step.

Their vision says, “Building a community model that values women and collectively says no more sexual exploitation, it is our desire to be a voice for all women while raising awareness about the issues related to pornography, sex trafficking and sexual abuse.” You can find out more at


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