Yesterday, I launched into a bit of a diatribe about dialogue and how obedience is better. You may have wondered why I went there. Well here’s the truth, for those of us entrusted to leadership, obedience is key. It’s vital. Imagine if you’re trying to lead, but all those entrusted to you (because leadership is a sacred trust) decide to go their own way. Your leadership pretty much ceases when the people cease to follow. I am pretty well convinced that this is what happens to our Lord when we decide to dialogue and debate rather than follow His lead.

To lead effectively, we must follow the Lord. After all isn’t He the one who entrusted us with leadership in the first place. Leadership is not about doing it our way, it’s about leading people His way. All leaders, they know it or not, have been entrusted with their position from the Lord. (Romans 13:1) When a leader breaks trust, all the people under their care are impacted. I’ve seen this happen and it’s not pretty. It leaves people broken and brokenhearted, it damages and wreaks havoc. It hurts.

Creative friend, we have been entrusted with creating things that make people think and hopefully point people toward God’s truth. That is a form of leadership. Additionally many of us have been entrusted with leading groups of creatives. This amplifies the responsibility we have to be faithful followers of Christ. What we do matters. How we act matters. How we live matters. Our choices matter and they matter not just to us, but all who have been placed in our care. Where we lead they will follow. This is why it is imperative that we follow God and not just our version of God.

Bad leadership damages and destroys. God’s leadership saves and rescues.

How will you lead?

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