Hospitality is a Wonderful Gift…

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Retreats
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This past week, I have been about 350 miles from home ministering at a wonderful church Bristolville Church of the Brethren in Bristolville, OH. I have a had a great time and have been truly blessed. I love what I get to do and I really love doing it. About the only difficulty is being away from home can be a little rough after a while. I come to miss my family. What makes it better is the hospitality I consistently receive. People welcoming me into there homes and making me feel at home. I couldn’t do what I do for very long without this type of hospitality.

This week, though was above and beyond. I stayed at this awesome bed and breakfast called the Liberty Raymond Tavern. (No it’s not a bar) It’s a historical building, built in 1840 as a dedicated stop for a stage coach line and part of the underground railroad. It’s a gorgeous place and quite comfortable. But what it really made it stand out were owners Bill and Brenda Weiss. Yes we have the same last name, no I don’t think we are related, beyond the best relationship of all, brothers and sisters in Christ. These folks went out of their way to serve me and make me comfortable. It is clear that they use their wonderful place as a ministry, blessing many in a variety of ways. When I talk about 1 Peter 4:10 and using gifts to serve others, I am usually talking talents (and Bill and Brenda are talented people), but the passage does say “whatever gifts.” These two very talented people offered up their home as a gift to me and I am most appreciative. Add onto that an amazing gift of hospitality and you get a wonderful week. I worked hard this week, but I also rested well. I felt welcome and at home, not to mention blessed and encouraged. Thanks Bill and Brenda. I look forward to coming back.

So how about it, dear reader? This is another example of how we can use our gifts to be a blessing. How can you be a blessing today?

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