This is not original content to me of course, but it echoes what I am starting to see as a big block to our living a better story. (Please ignore his one obscenity, this content is important) I see so many people with their faces in their phones as real life living people stand before them. I know a lot of you only know me as a result of the very technology I am wrestling with and you need to know I care for and value you very highly. I also hope to meet you all one day in person. In the mean time, These posts will be here forever or at least until the server fails but that real life person who is with you right now may be in your life for a limited time. Value them now! Tune in here when you’re alone or bored or when you need a little encouragement but when you’re with your loved ones, please tune out.

And for goodness sake, when you’re out at a restaurant or hanging with a friend, put the lap top away, put the phone in your pocket and love the one you’re with.


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