Why AMOKArts Is Important…

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Speaking ministry
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I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but I want you to know this and hopefully share it.

There I was, a new believer and recently sober after what could best be described as a three year bing. I recently joined the church and God was doing a major work in my life, but there was a problem. The folks in my new church decided to try to get me involved in serving the church. The get lots of A+ bonus points for that, but there was a problem. It was the wrong ministry. They made me a trustee and I was woefully ill equipped to do the work. I was floundering and probably in danger of walking away from the church. Then one day my pastor approached me and asked me if I would do something for him. I was hesitant but I said okay. He asked me to paint backdrops for a VBS skit. I was in shock because I actually knew how to do that. Friends, don’t miss this, that one request changed the course of my entire life.

I began to see that I could use my gift of art to serve the Lord and the local church, but it was more. I was terrified of public speaking, but after a few years of painting backdrops I was lured into acting in the skits. After a few years of that, I was asked to teach. Eventually I got a call to ministry, which felt a little absurd because I still swore I would never be a speaker. One by one the walls fell and today I am an artist and a speaker who travels all over to serve the Lord. All because of one person finding my gift and showing me how to use it.

That’s why AMOKArts is important. You see it is my goal in life to get to the churches to use my gifts to share the Gospel, but it’s more than that. I want to speak to the people in the church who are like I was. The people looking for their place to fit, to grow and to thrive. I want to show them the possibilities associated with their gifts and I want to show churches how to put these people to work. I know I can’t get everywhere so I make use of this medium to reach far and wide. My life’s mission is to help people to know Jesus and find their God-given mission and purpose. I think that is the most important thing I can do with my working life. I could really use your help.

If you think this mission is important, there are ways you can help.
1. Pray for me… Frankly there are days where the distance between my vision and my reality look pretty vast. Your prayers and intercession are really vital. Pray that I stay in the center of God’s will and keep moving forward.
2. Spread the word… I create this web page to build up and encourage people, so please share it, repost my stuff, tag it, tweet it anyway you can help me get the word out is helpful. I am not at all territorial with this information, you can share this stuff at will. Messages the spread, win.
3. Bring me in for a presentation or a workshop… Getting into churches can be really difficult and I get it. I would want to protect my pulpit and congregation too. Those of you who benefit from this ministry and those with whom I have build trust can really help to serve as ambassadors for getting me into places I currently can’t reach. I need you!

I keep on doing this ministry because I know something. Throughout the Body of Christ are a lot of people, especially creative types, who are wondering where they fit and if their gifts even matter. I want to help them to do great things for the Kingdom, will you help me?

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