Looking at the Stars

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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stargazer1This morning, when I went out for my walk before dawn, I was stopped in my tracks by something I saw. An amazing work of art only one could create. It was a sky full of stars and I was blown away. It’s not the first time I’ve seen them of course, nor is it the first time I really stopped to look, but still it blew me away. Think about those little dots of light that pierce the darkness. They look so small and yet we know most if not all of them are much bigger than this celestial ball we walk on. They are literally billions of miles away and still visible.

I started to think about how the light bouncing off my corneas has traveled 186,000 miles per second for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years. Some of the light I saw eminated from stars that no longer exist. Some of it may have started its journey when Columbus, maybe even Jesus walked the earth. When my spirit leads me to think about this stuff, my heart resonates with the Lord. It resonates with the Psalmist who said “What is man that you are mindful of Him.” The answer to that is really simple, in the vastness of space and time, man is but a blip and yet he is the apple of the eye of the God of the universe. Even the greatest of us, those who stand on the highest pedestals are infinitessmally small in comparison to the vastness of space, our lives a dot on the face of eternity and yet we are loved by God and worthy in His eyes to be traded for the life of Jesus.

I love looking at the stars and realizing the maker of the stars looks upon me with love. He loves you too. Creation is the illustration of God’s love.

How can you use your gift and your life to illustrate that love? You don’t have to be a star, you just have to do small acts with great love.

Here are a few star videos…


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