So What Are We Going to DO at Poconos CREATE?

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Retreats, Speaking ministry
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So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’ll start off with a demo to set the tone, then we’re going to do a quick exercise tat will seem kind of random but will get your creative juices flowing. From there we’ll narrow it down a bit and start to look at application, i.e. how to use your gift in your context. Then we’ll have dinner, worship pick the Saturday topic, and hang out in a time of free creating or Fellowship. We’ll kick Saturday off with an optional hike out to a beautiful overlook where we’ll appreciate the work of THE Master Artist. Then breakfast and a day of creating culminating in presenting your work to the group. THe goal is to help you to connect with other artists, see new uses for your gift and ways to walk out your calling and your mission. You need to be at this retreat. Sign up here and contact Dave Weiss at or go to the Poconos CREATE page for details

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