The Future is Now…

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Check out this gem from 1981…

Yes, 1981, the year I got out of high school (yes, I know I’m old). It’s not THAT long ago. Back then it was hard to imagine something we consider common place. The one guy in the report is referred to as a home computer owner as if that’s a novelty. The thing is, in 1981, it was! Today, what’s really strange is a non-computer owner. My how times have changed. Sometimes I think for the better, sometimes I’m not so sure, but what we have is what we have.

I post this to remind us all that we don’t really know what’s coming. That’s part of the reason it is so important to make the most of our opportunities and of today in general. The world looks a lot different than it did 32 years ago and 32 years from now it will probably look a lot different. In this world of constant change, God is the same, yesterday, today and forever and that is good news. He is the constant we can depend on. That being said, He also said He is doing a new thing and that He makes all things new. I wish I could tell you what comes next, if I could have I would have bought, etc in 1981 and waited patiently. What I can tell you is each of us has today to be faithful to the one who stays constant in the midst of constant change.

So stick with the Lord and create. Who knows, you might just be used to create a better future.

One day, the future will be now.

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