On Saturday, I participated in the Snowflake Gala at the Mulberry St. Gallery in Lancaster, PA. It was a great day. I displayed five of my paintings in the gallery, did a live painting and brief message in the “performance” area and had a vendor table to introduce AMOKArts to a wide variety of creative people. It was a wonderful event and I had a great time.

That’s not to say I was without some trepidation. The performance time slots were all either five or ten minutes. I had never done the painting I did there in under 12 minutes, always set to music and then spoke afterwards. My original intent was to cut the music and just speak while I painted, but at the last minute, I decided to add the song “Like A Lion” by David Crowder. It’s just a little over six minutes long. My wife and I prayed before I went on and by the time the song was over, I was finished with the painting and it was one of the best renderings I’ve done ofthat image to this point. I had about four minutes left to present the message and the Lord ordered my thoughts. I finished on time and really felt blessed, the feedback I received also seemed pretty favorable.

Am I sharing this to boast? No. Anyone who knows me will tell you self confidence is hardly my strong suit. No I share this to tell you I had no idea if I could finish this piece and present it well in the allotted time. I just knew I felt led to do that piece, and I gave it to God. That verse that says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me is true. So when you pray and you feel God leading you to do something. Don’t look at your limitations. Trust Him and do it. He will allow your work to accomplish precisely what He intended it to do.

My guess is if we have Christ confidence, maybe we don’t need self confidence.

Something to consider.

P.S. God answered my prayer on the weather for that day too.

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