Challenge: Wheels

Posted: February 8, 2013 in, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Speaking of Rush…
The IllustrationFriday Challenge of the Week was the word Wheels and for some reason I was reminded of the song Natural Science by Rush. Which contains this lyric:

Wheels within wheels in a spiral array, A pattern so grand and complex, Time after time we lose sight of the way, Our causes can’t see their effects.


I think of this song every time I’m at a beach and I see a little tidal pool left behind by a wave. I’m sure the band’s intent for this song may be much more humanistic, but when I think of the song I think of the way we face life. We get so caught up in our own little worlds that we forget that there is something so much bigger beyond our little pool. There’s a big world out there and an even bigger God. If we turn inward, we forget about all of that and become self centered. I think Paul was right when he wrote in Romans about how the evidence of God is seen in His creation. When I hear about wheels within wheels, I think of how atoms and solar systems, the smallest and largest assemblages of matter are asembled essentially the same way. Smaller objects orbitting around a larger central object. There is an incredible order to creation. We need to keep that in mind as we live out life in our own little worlds.

There is something much bigger than ourselves and until we get that, well, we’ll just be spinning our wheels.

Here’s the song:

  1. John says:

    Hi David, I had a vision this afternoon of gears. I didn’t know what it meant. Your post taught me that prophetically, gears represent how we connect and affect others for good. We move with God’s goodness which causes movement for God’s goodness in others.

    I really enjoy the cartoon posts. Hope to see you at the Snowflake Gala.

    God bless, John Paul

    Sent from my iPad

    • amokarts says:

      We need to pray that God holds the storm gears in alignment to make the weather such tat the gala can take place. So much of life is interconnected. Good word for today!
      God bless,

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