Journey through Michael Hyatt’s Platform: Post 28 Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes

Posted: September 26, 2012 in books, How to
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Michael Hyatt's Platform
In this chapter of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World Michael Hyatt looks at the mistakes bloggers make. He has a list of 10. To see them all you’ll have to read the book. I am going to focus on just a few. I think the biggest one is people who don’t post enough. Now I realize I may dance on the edge of posting too much, but the idea is to post on a regular basis so that your readers get a consistent flow of information. This blog goes out daily. Hyatt recommends no more than that. Actually right now I am posting twice in some days (Hyatt would say that is too much) but there is a reason for that. And it has to do with another post on Hyatt’s list…

Keep your posts on brand. I am aware that a lot of my readers come here  for posts about art and arts ministry. Because of this I am taking a risk with some of you by posting these posts on Platform. I am posting them because I believe every one of my readers should be trying to build his or her own platform. I feel it’s crucial to our ministries, but I know some may not agree with that sentiment, so on the days I post on Platform, I try to also post something else. I want all my readers to stay engaged.

The last thing from the chapter I want to highlight is the idea that we need to make sure we grab the reader’s attention. Remember most of the reason for this book and these posts is there are so many things vying for your reader’s attention. It”s important that we develop good headlines and a good lead in paragraph, to draw the reader into the story. I am still working on this but it must be the goal if you want to win your readers’ attentions.

If you haven’t done it yet, check out Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

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