At the Crossroads
Usually when we talk about crossroads we talk about having to make a decision and go one way or another. That’s not where I’m going with this. I just got off the phone with my coach and we were talking about my gifts and my passions and the direction I should take with my life. How I should invest my time and what I should be doing.

I identified two things I am really passionate about, (both of these involve art in my life). The first was I am passionate to introduce people to Jesus and secondly I love to sow into people’s lives (especially creatives) and help them to use their gifts to serve others and make the world a better place. When it comes to career and ministry and what I do, those are the two things that really fire me up.

My coach had asked me to create a list of ideas that I could use to earn a living and support my family that work with my gifting. I had a list of 29 things. He told me to look at the list and find the things that are at the crossroads between my passions, introducing people to Jesus and helping creative people to find and use their gifts and set up shop.

I want to live and work at the crossroad of introducing people to Jesus and helping people to find and use their gifts. With God’s help that’s where I will focus and build.

What’s your crossroad? Go there and build your life.

  1. victoria1953 says:

    This is so great how your coach has helped you get clearer on the path God is setting before you. I believe we all have to do this at least once if not many times in our lives to make sure we are going in the direction God is guiding us, “the crossroads” are like the parable about the king who invited special guests to a banquet but they all made excuses so the king got upset and told his servant to go the “highways and byways” and bring in everyone who will to the banquet. I did a study once about what in the world was this place “the highways and byways” one commentary(forget which now, sorry) I really got what that this means it is where everyday life and commerce meets, the places of trade and where people live their lives cross each other, a kind of crossroads too. God bless you as you continue the journey God is guiding you to and thru. Thanks for this message, keeps me seeking God’s direction for me and finding my “crossroads” too. Joy in Jesus

  2. Lew says:

    David ~ I love the metaphor of crossroads, where two powerful callings, or elements of one calling, converge and blend seamlessly. Mine are Faith & Art. And you’re right, it is only by dwelling at that crossroad that we are able to affect both paths.

    I really love this kind of stuff, where a faith-driven creative seeks clarity and direction in their pursuit to glorify God. You’re right about our life-missions being rather similar. I’m really happy for you as you continue to fine-tune, and hone God’s calling on your life.

    May you become all He has built and birthed you to be to His glory,
    Lew Curtiss /

    • amokarts says:

      Thank you brother. So what are we going to do “coast to coast” to spread this message?

      • Lew Curtiss says:

        Dave ~ Here in Seattle, I live in a kind of mecca of the faith & arts movement. Currently I am finding my way into the conversation to answer that specific question and participate. I am influenced by IAM (International Arts Movement); CIVA (Christians in Visual Arts); Dick Staub author of The Culturally Savvy Christian, Hans Roomaaker, Calvin Seerveld, and many others.
        People like yourself, and Tony Snipes of Art lessons From God are all a part of the conversation.

        My on-going engagement with artists and pastors will help me to find God’s specific assignment(s) in the fulfillment of His life-missions for me. Both my art practice and my role in the movement are emerging. In the mean time, I am reading voraciously, meeting with anyone who’s passionate about faith & art, and making all the artworks He gives me.

        I am so excited I can hardly see straight,
        Praise Him!

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